Tim is a clinical research fellow in neurology. I’ve also got interests in global health and medical education, which I hope will creep in to this blog from time to time.

The main bulk of my day-to-day work is looking after and doing research with people affected by progressive supranuclear palsy and corticobasal degeneration. These are two types of dementia with some similarities to Parkinson’s disease (that’s the simple story!). From a research point of view I want to know why the changes in the brain cause the clinical syndromes they do, particularly by understanding the ‘connectome’ in these patients, ie the patterns by which bits of the brain communicate.

I’m secretary for a group called Almamata, which is a bunch of junior doctors with an interest in global health. It’s a challenge being in high-end academia using vast arrays of networked computers and MRI scanners while trying to maintain a focus on the majority of the real world where such things are impossible. But I think it’s important to try.

I also have a joint blog with my brother at thesciencechat.wordpress.com where we aim to chew the fat about all things neuroscience and science-related.

Enjoy the read!


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