It’s a sort of New Year’s resolution I suppose, along with many other blogs that will start and fail this year. You get the picture. Before Christmas I was rushed off my feet trying to get things done before a restful 10 days off. Over that time I dreamed about being that omniscient god-like blogger who everyone turns to for guidance. Erm…that’s never going to happen! But, sharing a few thoughts might help me get my ideas straight.

I’ll be up-front. Part of the function of this blog is to get me writing my PhD thesis. I’m hoping some of the ideas will crystalise in to a well-refined and cogently argued masterpiece of scientific brilliance. Another thing that’s never going to happen!

But, I want to try and share a few things that are on my mind, comment about what’s going on in neuroscience and the world of connectivity, but also about broader issues in the world. We’ll see how the year pans out. I’m almost half way through my PhD now, so I think I may be close to the stage where I almost know what I’m talking about.

January is definitely the month to develop the completer-finisher in me. I’m just about to have one paper published (more soon!) and have got two more that I hope to wrap up in the next week or so, and one I have to resubmit. I’m trying to hold back that urge to drop the writing and get on with more analysis. I must be patient. There are a few computational analysis scripts ticking over the in the background while I try and get everything else done, then the script-fest may continue!

OK, back to openoffice to see if I can squeeze those results in to a coherent story…